Don’t forget what you were made for.

You were made to dream.
Made to believe.
Made to have unbreakable faith.
You were made to put everything you have into something.
Made to count on it.
To rely on it.
To know it will always be there.
You were made to be wrong.

You were made to be let down.
Made to question your faith.
Question love.
Question hope.
Question yourself.
You were made to be broken.
You were made to be hopeless.
You were made to be soaked by your own tears.
Made to cry until there’s nothing left.
You were made to know it was your fault.
Made to know you’re inherently flawed.
To know you aren’t worth it.
To accept it.
You were made to be wrong.

You were made to heal.
Made to pick up every one of those god damned shattered pieces.
Made to rebuild.
You were made to move past it.
To grow.
To find out who you really are.
You were made to be angry.
Made to be hurt.
You were made to be afraid.
To be terrified.
To question everything.
Made to learn.
To find peace.
To smile.
You were made to be confident.
Made to be strong.
You were made to be relentless.
To be surprised.
You were made to be human.
Made to have finite potential.
Made to have limits.
To find those limits.
You were made to know how far you can go.
You were made to be wrong.

40 thoughts on “Don’t forget what you were made for.

  1. It’s like this was written for me.
    I love how each block represent childhood, adolescence and adulthood (at least they do in my mind), even though all of them are present to some degree during every stage of life. ♥

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  2. Great message! I love the idea of accepting the whole range of human emotions and experiences that are inevitable anyway. Life really is a beautiful thing, with all of its ups and downs, isn’t it?

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  3. An excellent poem! I especially liked the way you put up your points. Each word felt as though it was made to be there, a part of the chain. The idea of failure as a stepping stone to success is something which everyone knows but only a few comprehend. You have really spelled out what needed to be said. It made my day!
    Simply awesome James!!:)

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  4. Great read as always James.

    Just jumping over to let you know that I’ve nominated you in this little thing called the entertainment blog award 🙂

    If you don’t decide to participate (which is totally fine) I thought I’d still let you know what I said about you:

    “A doctor (to be?) who shares stories & life lessons he learns from trials and tribulations in all aspects of his life as best he can with the rest of us. Powerful stuff.”

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  5. Reblogged this on Anneobure and commented:
    I was made to Love and be Loved. I was made to share my life with you. I was made to make a difference. I was made to overcome. I was made to thrive. When all is said and done, I was made whole!


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