You might not be right.

I was recently told I was brainwashed and oblivious. I didn’t take it too personally because it was part of a righteous monologue before I really even entered the conversation. It was kind of like “these are the facts and you’re too brainwashed and oblivious to see them.” Nonetheless, accusations like these warrant an investigation … More You might not be right.

James conquers nuts.

I remember pulling into the parking garage, turning off my car and sitting in the silence, thinking, “Maybe this would all be so much easier if I just wasn’t alive anymore.” I starting thinking about all of the things that kept me going, the things that helped me push forward, the things that made all … More James conquers nuts.

I ran until I cried.

I’ve always hated running.  It’s a reasonable hatred, I think.  When I was younger, I had a bunch of health problems, including asthma, which made running a truly painful experience.  Every time I ran, my lungs felt like they were being set on fire and ripped out of my chest, I was immediately struck with … More I ran until I cried.