I threw a dream in the garbage.

I have a little dream-box on the nightstand next to my bed. It was a gift. The idea is to write down your dreams, put them in the box and they will seep into your every human fiber as you enjoy a lovely night of golden slumbers. Then when you wake up, you make that … More I threw a dream in the garbage.

I ran until I cried.

I’ve always hated running.  It’s a reasonable hatred, I think.  When I was younger, I had a bunch of health problems, including asthma, which made running a truly painful experience.  Every time I ran, my lungs felt like they were being set on fire and ripped out of my chest, I was immediately struck with … More I ran until I cried.

Fear is a doozy.

I’ve been reading.  I heard that a great way to prepare for medical school is to read.  A lot.  It doesn’t have to be science based.  The idea is to get used to doing a good amount of reading every day. I’ve already put a few books away.  My current reading is a book called … More Fear is a doozy.