Find The Sunflower Seed

As a medical student, I am on a constant and desperate search for ways to fund my absurdly expensive education.  I started applying for every single scholarship that I am potentially eligible for.

One scholarship opportunity, offered by Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, involved making a 3-minute video of a speech on a grain or seed from their product line and posting it onto  Then it’s judged and voted on.

I had absolutely no experience making videos of any kind and I had no idea how to make a 3-minute speech on a seed even remotely entertaining, so I decided to approach it in the same way that I approach my James Is Trying blog stories.  And I had tons of help and inspiration from my girlfriend.

Here’s the finished product.  My very first attempt at video production.  My hope is that it’s a little inspirational and maybe teaches you something, but at the very least, it is an opportunity to see me hula hoop in tiny short-shorts.

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