The ‘I love you’ and the motorcycle.

Exactly 3 years ago…

James is Trying


It was a Friday.  September 30, 2011, to be exact.  I had just finished my last class for the week.  I was about to go to my girlfriend’s house to help her pack.  We were officially moving in together.  But there was some puppy love drama going on.

We’d been dating for just about a year and we’d never dropped the ‘I love you’ bomb.  We were clearly in love, we just hadn’t vocalized it yet.  But we were moving in together and I felt that the time was right.  I needed to tell her.

I’d made a solid attempt the night before.  I was about to go home, the last night we’d spend living in separate houses.  The moonlight was perfect.  I opened the door to leave, turned around in slow motion and looked her in the eye.  She looked right back at me and I said, “Lisa.  I…”…

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