An Attempt at Superstardom

I’ve made a decision to work towards being a massive success…becoming a superstar even.  It’s an arrogant and ridiculous goal, I’ll agree, but it’s already been pretty fun for me.

All the hip kids are starting blogs these days and I figured maybe a blog could help motivate me.  I’m just going to write about my experiences, insights, frustrations…or anything that I feel is contributing to my journey.

The blog is mostly a selfish endeavor, but if you’re actually reading this, thanks!  And I really hope you get something out of it…and if you don’t, feel free to comment or email me telling me how I’m wasting precious internet space and perhaps throw a suggestion in there as well.

Ok, so this is a fairly uninspiring public introduction to my journey but it kind of leads to the first step I’m taking towards success.  I made a decision and I’m just going straight after it.  I’m not waiting for some magical inspiration.  I am hoping that there will be passionate, thought provoking posts upcoming, but for now, it’s a rainy Tuesday morning and this is all I’ve got.

Wish me luck.

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