I ran until I cried.

I’ve always hated running.  It’s a reasonable hatred, I think.  When I was younger, I had a bunch of health problems, including asthma, which made running a truly painful experience.  Every time I ran, my lungs felt like they were being set on fire and ripped out of my chest, I was immediately struck with … More I ran until I cried.

Airplanes, Loneliness, Heartbreak and Eye Contact.

I’m terrified of flying but it doesn’t matter.  I sat on the plane as it rolled around the airport through the thin, misty Portland rain.  As the plane picked up speed and forced the rain to hit the windows harder, I felt the familiar sensation of gut-wrenching, out-of-control terror flicker to life inside me.  It … More Airplanes, Loneliness, Heartbreak and Eye Contact.