The ones you should totally read right now:

How I came to enjoy getting punched in the face.
Why I’m panicking about naturopathic medical school.
The ‘I love you’ and the motorcycle.
▪I learned how to be a real man from a bunch of girls.
The time I realized that I’m not special.
Someone knocked the happy out of me.
The time I thought it was tuberculosis
The beauty of finding the ugly.
How to study for an Immunology exam.


The ones you should definitely read, but maybe later:

How ‘Under the Sea’ showed me that I’m not a quitter.
Med school acceptance.
I was supposed to fight a guy.
I almost never learned to play guitar because of Yoda.
I saw a girl fall. (a fictional short story)
What is a naturopathic doctor? Part 1.
It’s not the pressure.  It’s the point.
I guess I write poetry now.


The ones you should absolutely read, but maybe when you’re killing time:

An open letter to Dr. Peter Lipson (Sinead O’Connor style)
I am not a musician.
The not so jolly Buddy Holly.
I think I like writing.
Fear is a doozy.
I’m back…Hopefully.
My birthday:  A retrospective.
Crushed by student loans.
Playing for an empty room.
Acting class, or self-help seminar?
Legends In Concert Audition.
Being rejected and yelling at my girlfriend.
I’m expendable and that’s perfect.
Questioning the timeless wisdom of Bruce Lee?
BMG Audition:  It turns out I can’t act.
Blue Man Group Audition.
An attempt at superstardom.

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