I learned how to be a real man from a bunch of girls.

My childhood was amazing.  I had a loving family.  Friends.  A good education.  I was given every opportunity to succeed.  My parents were great at giving me lessons in a lot of the important stuff.  But along the way, I missed out on some fundamental information. And here I am today.  Twenty-nine years old, and … More I learned how to be a real man from a bunch of girls.

I am not a musician.

I got a free 30-day trial of Ableton Live 9 Suite, which is a music production program.  You can record, mix and master fairly professional sounding songs from one program.  It costs $750 to buy and I was considering getting it, so I gave myself a challenge:  If I can get a decent sounding song … More I am not a musician.

Fear is a doozy.

I’ve been reading.  I heard that a great way to prepare for medical school is to read.  A lot.  It doesn’t have to be science based.  The idea is to get used to doing a good amount of reading every day. I’ve already put a few books away.  My current reading is a book called … More Fear is a doozy.